The recruitment facilitating and services organization, in other words, an entity of ‘helping’ recruiters, Comprehensive Software Solutions (CSS) has a team of facilitators. They procure service and ensure professional growth, by means of letting down opportunities towards prospective recruiters in various fields. These are basically meant in order to help those aspiring to staff candidates in different Companies by assimilating the best ways of H.R. practices available. Like wise, resume management and other inevitable actions with regards to job seeking are dealt with, with an enthusiastic means. They include Project Managers, Business Systems Analyst, Senior Developers, Testers, System administrators, Job Coordinators, Immigration Lawyers and IT Placement Personnel. We are also enrolled into eVerify system to enable the qualified U.S. graduates to extend their OPT period. It is for your kind information that the CSS database has an ultimate set of records pertaining to Companies, corporate environment and job openings from our clients. We help both the client and consultants sphere in helping out with various facilities such as resume writing, social skills and interview skills. Now with advancement in the sphere of finding suitable notions even at the entry stage by mere body-language, the Company has decided to include basic information management system in the said gallery too. It is so that Comprehensive Software Solutions is empowering recruiters in the job-seeking area and thus basic services in this regard are dealt with at a given period of time.