We are a broad based firm providing IT services for clients having consulting and/or permanent needs.

Understanding the Client
In-depth understanding of Company, Work-Culture, Operations and Vision. This helps us project the positions available, in the right perspective to the prospective candidates by keeping client interactions simple and adhering to the existing work ethics to the present extent.

Position Specification
After assessing the requirement carefully, we draft a position specification that outlines the basic responsibilities, reporting structure, qualifications required and criteria for success to the prospective candidates.

Our recruiting team identifies the qualified candidates. First, we use our internal database. If we do not find a very good match in our internal database, we access our external database of associate organizations. Using the databases help us identify the candidates for the suitability of the job requirements to ensure total success depending on the vacancies/openings as they may appear from time to time.

Candidate Interview/Evaluation
Reviewing the potential candidates on the basis of their qualifications, work-experience and potential cultural fit with the organization. The same is fairly applicable to the client’s outstation candidates too. We are also enrolled into eVerify system to enable the qualified U.S. graduates to extend their OPT period.

Presenting Qualified Candidates
Submission of written reports on the individuals who fit in the position specifications. Thus, data is imparted to the right person, at the right time in the right manner.

Candidate/Client Interviews
Coordinating arrangements for the employer to conduct in-depth interviews with the candidates. This is exhaustive and includes extensive utilization of Human Resource capital.

Reference Checks
Reference checks and credit checks on request. It is possible for us to deal with even critical situations in the best possible way by creating opportunity for a pragmatic approach.
So, if you want to seek success and equip yourself for the challenges, CSS is the right partner for you. Come, expand your horizons, discover the new opportunities lying ahead and be a part of the global organization.